May 2012 Chapter News

2012 American Heart Association Walk

On Thursday, May 31st the Queens Alumni Chapter tookpart in the 2012 American Heart Association - Heart Walkas a community partner of the American Heart Association. The AmericanHeart Association has made it their mission to combat cardiovascular diseaseincluding stroke by spreading their message of healthier eating habits andexercise. They are able to raise funds for their cardiovascular researchthrough various Heart Walks in major cities and towns across the UnitedStates. By 2020, The American Heart Associationwants to improve the cardiovascular health of ALL Americans by at least 20percent. The 3 mile walk/run began at GreenwichStreet/Murray Street, down the West Side Highway and ended at the WorldFinancial Center Plaza, North Cove Harbor.

Thank you to Brother Poon for taking part in the walk and S/O to Brother Douglas Cawley SP 85 Delta Mu who we ran into before the walk.


AIDS Walk 2012

On Sunday May 20th,  Brothers from Queens Alumni, Jersey City, Brooklyn-Long Island and Delta Mu participated in the 2012 AIDS WALK New York to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. The money raised from the walk will go to help people with HIV maintain and improve their health and independence; and keep the prevention, treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS an urgent national and local priority. Joined by other organizations and individuals in New York City totaling 45,000 Brothers walked the 10 kilometer course. Brothers were able to complete the rigorous 10 kilometer walk which began on 59th St and 5th Ave inside Central Park, continued through the park to 110th St then up 110th St to Riverside Drive and back into Central Park.


Team QA NUPES was able to raise approximately $750. Even though there has been a lot of publicity about drug treatments which are prolonging the lives of individuals with HIV and AIDS, they don't work for everyone and there is still no cure in sight. Moreover, young people are still getting infected at alarmingly high rates. But because of the money team QA NUPES raised a difference will be made in the lives of men, women, and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

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