September 2013 Chapter News


Xi Omicron Meet The Greeks



On Wednesday, September 18th, 2013, Long Island University – CW Post held its annual Meet the Greeks Program at the Pratt Recreation Center on campus from 8pm to 10pm.  The Xi Omicron Chapter was one of 12 Greek lettered organizations that participated in the event.  There was a general Q&A, Step & Stroll show, and we were able to answer many questions from students on campus at our table setup, who were interested in Kappa as well as Greek life as a whole.


On behalf of the Xi Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, we would like to thank the overwhelming support of all the Brothers who travelled all the way out to CW Post on a Wednesday night to support Xi O and show love to ‘The Zoo’.  Brothers from Mu Omicron, Mu Pi, Pi Rho, Queens Alumni, and Alpha Lambda, all came together to overwhelm the campus in Krimson & Kreme with its convoy of over 20 Brothers on the yard.


Special Thanks to (in no particular order) Leon Heyliger, Howard Mascoe, Kurt Samuels, DeDe McCormick, Everard Bisnauth, Josiah Scott, Ansy Pierre, Esaie Jean-Simon, Joed Esperance, Kwasi Young, Andrew Wellington, Andrew McKinley, and many others… including the Xi O Family: Tristan Trowers, Curtis Dabel, Troy Edwards, Justin Moore, and Leron Haywood.



We look forward to carrying this moment and pressing it forward to do GREAT things at ‘The Zoo’.


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