Queens Alumni Leadership

Queens Alumni Officers

  Polemarch Derrick S. Isaac  
Vice Polemarch Gerald Augustin 2nd Vice Polemarch Levon Golding
Keeper of Records Jameson Luberisse Keeper of Exchequer Andre S. Gleaton
Strategus Garland Boyd Lieutenant Strategus Michael Pinnock
Historian Steve Chatman Parliamentarian Daniel Brown
Board Members:
Caron Washington Dr. Jermaine Wright
Gavin Bennett
General Counsel:  
Lamont Bailey Carl Forbes
Committee Chairs:
Guide Right Caron Washington
Social & Political Action Fedner Joseph
Reclamation Derrick Isaac
Fundraising Gerald Augustin
Collegiate Development Levon Golding
Public Relations/Marketing Byron Johnson
Achievement Bryan Taylor
Membership Intake & Orientation J. Marcus Poon
Mu Omicron J. Marcus Poon
Mu Pi J. Marcus Poon
Xi Omicron J. Marcus Poon
Pi Rho Levon Golding

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