QA Initiates

Mike Cotton
Vaughn Caine
Kenneth Hall
Warren Story
Robert Wayne Harris
David Bower
Obed Alce
Dr. Jean Zephirin
Keith Walker
Yves Mompoint
Dr. Kirk Soodoo
Dr. Sultan Simms
Dr. Gary Simms
Hernandez Rhau, Esq.
Carlton Brown
Raymond Welsh
Carey Grey
Jean-Richard Cherry

Donovan Hannah
Dr. Harold Delaleu
Dr. Nana Yaw Adu Sarkodie
Dr. Alex David
Edwidge Turenne
Dr. Jermaine Wright *
J. Marcus Poon
Ejiro Ajueyitsi
Anwar Warner
Clarence Bell
Anthony Seriki
Taj Moore
Joed Esperance
Michael Saunders
Gavin Bennett
Andrew Wellington

Jameson Luberisse

Levon Golding

* Queens Alumni Polemarch

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Past Polemarchs

Paul Carey - 1990-1993
Geoff Gross - 1993-1995
Maurice Lewis - 1995-1997
Alvin Knight Sr. - 1997 -1999
Daniel Brown - 1999-2002
Steve Chatman - 2002-2005
Trevor John  - 2005-2008
Chris Brown - 2008-2010
Jermaine Wright - 2010-2014
Caron Washington - 2014-2017
Derrick S. Isaac - 2017-2019

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About Queens Alumni

The Queens Alumni Chapter was founded on March 10, 1990 at the Roy Wilkins Center in Jamaica NY.

Inspired by the visionary leadership of Brothers Paul Carey and Geoff Gross, the 16 charter members, most of whom were recent college graduates, sought to inspire and provide a new, different and diverse perspective and voice of Kappa principles and objectives to the City of New York in general but to the borough of Queens in particular. Throughout its history the Queens Alumni Chapter has demonstrated an exemplary degree of brotherhood, energy, awareness and dedication to the Fraternity, the borough of Queens overall but specifically to the residents of Southeastern Queens.

Queens Alumni Charter Members

Dr. Geddis Abel-Bey
Lamont Bailey, Esq.
Robert Briggs
Marion Brooks
Pierre Bushel
Paul H. Carey
Steve Chatman
Dr. Gerald Deas
Jeffrey Dyches
Duane Flowers
Geoff Gross
Raymond Jones*
Kevin Judd
Withle Primus
Larry Sanders
Rodger Shelton
* denotes Chapter Invisible

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