Committee Objective:

  1. To reclaim non-financial and inactive members of Kappa Alpha Psi to the Queens Alumni chapter who currently reside in the New York City area.


The goal of the Queens Alumni Reclamation committee is to bring the rolls to 75 active members. This will be achieved by taking a three prong approach:

  • Reinstate Nupes Night Out. In years past, this was QA’s most successful reclamation program. As in the past, we will highlight undergraduate chapters and other focus areas.
  • Propose a reclamation contest. In an effort to engage the membership, the brother who reclaims the most members will have his Conclave registration paid for (or reimbursed) by the chapter.
  • Manage the integration of newly reclaimed members. The committee will work with the board, and committee chairman and all members to ensure brothers have opportunity to work in committees or programs that match their interest. This is critical to retention of our members for long term growth.
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