Committee Objective:

  1. Increase awareness of the chapter's events within the Province/National, Greek community, and community overall. This will be achieved by taking a three prong approach.
  2. Create partnerships with other QA Committee Chairman to understand their approach to events and assist as appropriate to define successful marketing efforts. This will result in increased communication/visibility/awareness across QA members.
  3. Partner with QA website developer to help structure the website so it’s a main communication/marketing tool for Brothers to utilize as a one stop shop for information (i.e. events, community service activities).
  4. Identify Brothers within the chapter to Co-Lead the QA Chapter Ambassadors Program. This would be a sub-group within the Public Relations Committee. Brothers would partner across the Greek community to identify appropriate events (i.e. community service, lunch sessions, and open meetings) where Brothers will be highly encouraged to attend. This again will result in higher level of QA Presence across the New York City Metro area. Also, identify events outside of New York where a “potential” chapter road trip can be organized.



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