Committee Objective:

  1. To bridge the gap between Collegiate and Alumni Brothers and to develop Collegiate Brothers into the Leaders of tomorrow.

This will be achieved by:

Collegiate Development and Leadership Workshops


  • Monthly workshops are facilitated by Alumni Brothers to train Collegiate Brothers onhow to write a resume, assume leadership positions, prepare for an interview, dress accordingly for different settings, and other topics that the Collegians want to discuss.
  • The workshops are designed to address Life Planning, Career Development, Community Engagement, and Leadership Development.

Collegiate Mentorship Program


  • The mentoring program pairs a Collegiate Brother with an Alumni Brothers based on the Collegians’ professional aspirations and the Alumni Brothers’ professional expertise.
  • Mentors serve as someone who Collegians can reach out to for advice and someone who can work with them to enhance any skills needed for the career they may want to pursue.
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