Queens Alumni Leadership

2019-2020 Queens Alumni Officers

  Polemarch Gerald Augustin  
Vice Polemarch Cory Davis 2nd Vice Polemarch Daniel Demoz
Keeper of Records Tokunbo Jose Keeper of Exchequer Andre S. Gleaton
Strategus Nkwasi Seales Lieutenant Strategus Dondre Jackson
Historian Steve Chatman Parliamentarian Daniel Brown, PRP
Board Members:
Caron Washington Derrick S. Isaac
Geoffrey Gross
General Counsel:  
Lamont Bailey Carl Forbes
Committee Chairs:
Guide Right Caron Washington
Social & Political Action Garland Boyd
Reclamation Daniel Brown
Fundraising Tokunbo Jose
Collegiate Development Daniel Demoz
Public Relations/Marketing Nigel Simmons
Achievement Cory Davis
Membership Intake & Orientation Levon Golding
Mu Omicron Ernest Pope
Mu Pi Vacant
Xi Omicron Tristan Trowers
Pi Rho Vacant

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