Commitee Objectives:

  1. Develop and manage process by which the chapter recognize, select and celebrate members and individuals for awards, merits and accomplishments.
  2. Oversee all chapter recognition submissions and considerations.

Committee Initiatives:

Brother of the Month Award

  • Increase more participation in monthly chapter recognition program via encouraging and expanding nominations by posting promotional bi-weekly emails to Chapter LISTSERV, where applicable requesting nominations from chapter Board and announcing previous month’s winners on LISTSERV.

Annual “Salute to Achievers” Celebration · 2011 Focus:

  • Encourage more participation in the nomination process and initiate event site selection 60-90 days prior to ensure venue confirmation for week of annual Yacht Kruise and proper notification of selected recipients.


Annual Chapter Recognition Awards

  • The following awards will be evaluated, reviewed and selected in January, 2011, presented at the annual Metro NY Area Founders Day program:

    Brother of the Year
    Collegian of the Year
    Collegian Chapter of the Year
    Guide Right Award
    Distinguished Service Award (can be presented to a non-chapter member)
    Polemarch’s Award (selected by chapter Polemarch)

Fraternal Achievement Award Petitions

  • The following Awards will be evaluated, reviewed, selected and presented in 1st quarter of 2011:

    NEP Chapter of the Year
    NEP Guide Right Chapter of the Year
    GC Chapter of the Year (if applicable)
    GC Guide Right Chapter of the Year (if applicable)
    NEP and GC Individual Recognition Awards (where applicable)

Public Recognition Petitions

  • Local and National chapter and/or individual Awards determined and submitted on a case by case basis.
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